Buddhist RI

Title of authorised program:  Buddhist RI

Aims and Goals

Our vision is for children to gain a foundation in Buddhist ethical values, being aware of the consequences of what they think, say and do. This will help them develop skills that will benefit their personal lives and therefore also the wider community and society.
Our aim is for the children to lead happy and healthy lives by sharing values and life skills with them based on the wisdom of the Buddha and using contemporary pedagogy. The children will not remember the contents of Buddhist textbooks, nor remember lists, but will understand the heart of Buddha’s wisdom to live well for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Outline of lesson structure

Our extensive and unique curriculum has been developed specifically for western children and lessons include the life of the Buddha and the relevance of his teachings in today’s world. Modern stories illustrating ethical values that the children can apply to their everyday lives are shared and lively debate is encouraged for the children to express their understanding of these values. Meditation and mindfulness are also taught and offer ways for the children to develop essential life skills in managing their feelings confidently in appropriate and adept ways.

Amount of time for lesson per week

Typically 30 minutes per week

For more information about the work of BESS, please refer to our website, www.bessqld.org.au.
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