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Under Queensland legislation, accredited representatives of Faith groups are able to provide Religious Instruction in State schools with the consent of the parents of the children receiving the instruction.

Instruction schedules are arranged with the local school leadership. Although the legislation provides for up to one hour of Religious Instruction per week, typically RI classes last for closer to 30 minutes per week. In some cases, the classes are held most weeks of the year. In other cases they may only be held for a semester or even a term, largely depending on the availability of the Instructor.

Queensland is becoming an increasingly multicultural society. Religion is a deeply embedded facet of most cultures. So a multicultural society is a multi-Faiths society. Religious Instruction provided by accredited Faith instructors provides opportunity for children to explore the values and core beliefs of that Faith. This instruction by a Faith practitioner complements general religious education provided through other elements of the school curriculum.


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