RI has been approved to recommence by the Department of Education and we are following the Department’s Covid 19 safe practices.

What is RI?

RI is the time set aside in Years 1-12 in state schools where parents/carers can consent for their children to be educated in the faith of their choosing. Your child will only be placed in RI if you give your consent. RI is provided by major faith groups in many schools across Queensland. To find out what is available at your school please refer to the school website.

The Queensland Education (General Provisions) Act (2006) allows accredited representatives of recognised faith groups to make this contribution as part of a holistic approach to education.

RI is one way of promoting the spiritual development and wellbeing of young Australians.

RI lessons are usually conducted for up to 30 minutes on a weekly basis throughout the school year.

Why choose RI?

According to a recent national survey by McCrindle Research, 99% of Australian parents think that it is important to teach values to Australian school students.

Many parents choose RI for their children in order to give them the opportunity to question, explore and discover faith and values for themselves as part of a holistic education.

Key benefits

A recent Australian study by Prof Zehavit Gross, UNESCO Chair in Education for Human Values, Tolerance and Peace, Bar-Ilan University Israel and Prof Emerita Suzanne Rutland OAM, University of Sydney has found that RI has key benefits including:

Need more info?

You can download our Multi-Faiths RI brochure below or email us at info@multifaithsri.org.au

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